About Sapna Arts
Canvas Painting

Sapna Arts is seen as an epitome of artistry and innovation in the fine art industry. With over twenty years of experience, we are a widely trusted and reputed brand that offers a variety of fine art perfections. Our core proficiency lies in Murals, Wall art, Nameplates, Decorative Mandir, Designer Mirrors, Vases, Designer Clocks, Flower sticks, Statues, Ganesha Statue, Chaurang, Customise Decorative Products, Stone Carving, CNC Work in Wood, Acrylic & Metal. A detailed list of products we offer include:

  • Religious, traditional, contemporary and modern sculptures
  • Murals for commercial and personal spaces.
  • Interior works and products such as wall hangings, pots, nameplates, doors etc.

Sapna Arts owes its origin to Mr. Yogesh Bhattad and Mrs. Sapna Y Bhattad who work with various materials like clay, beads, textiles, wood, cane, bamboo, cement, ceramic, paper, stone and metal to come up with a variety of products. What makes their art pieces special is their approach of involving subjects, themes, designs and materials in all their art projects. Sapna arts was established in 2000 and in these twenty years, they have grown to be a fruitful business.

Today they are a team of 50 artists who excel in fields such as designing, sketching, crafting sculptures, material cutting and welding. Their series of clients include households, offices, corporates, hotels, restaurants and resorts. Due to this diversity, their art works are seen as a preferred choice for architects and interior designers as well.

About Founders
Sapna Arts

Mr. Yogesh Bhattad and Mrs. Sapna Y Bhattad are the creative minds behind SAPNA ARTS. This beautiful journey commenced after their marriage when Mr. Yogesh Bhattad, a renowned fine art professional motivated Mrs. Sapna Y Bhattad to peruse a course in commercial arts and inspired her to showcase her talent with his. He invested in her dream to be a fine art professional and later this duo laid the foundation of SAPNA ARTS in 2000.

Being successful eentrepreneurs, parents of two and each other’s support system, this talented couple has exhibited over 200 murals at Maheshwari bhavan, Akola and later expanded cities like Pune, Nasik, Nagpur, Bangalore, Indore and Jodhpur. Today, they and their sons Viraj and Abhiraj take pride in their work and SAPNA ARTS is now a big family 50 skilled and professional artists who invoke their passion in every art piece they deliver.